APB Showcase

This page will show some of the submitted screenshots of user created content for All Points Bulletin.

First up we have a collection by Sylver Designs a very talented designer, here are three pieces of their work but you can see more here: http://www.sylverdesigns.co.cc/

Secondly we have a piece of work by APB Forum member Pandalink. This is L from the exceptional Anime/Manga series Death Note.

Here we have a piece of work by another APB Forum member called KillMinimal

Some more work now from Frank McDonald (In game name: BillyRosewood) on the Patriot2 Server.

Two work in progress pieces from Comben at http://comben.deviantart.com/

Two submissions of a new clothing piece by Burnt who resides on the Patriot server.

Some of my own work.

Want to see your work on this page?

If you want to see your work featured on this page then the submission process is simple just take a screenshot in game of your custom logo/design either in the editor, on a character, car, wall, anything  Save it in whatever format you desire (Although preferably .jpg) and e-mail it along with the following.

  • Name/Alias
  • Title of creation
  • Small description.

If you wish to include a link to a forum thread or website you use to promote your designs then please feel free to do so. The e-mail address for submissions is:


Please try to limit yourself to three images maximum and don’t send anything that may cause offense or has any sexual content.


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25 07 2010

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