17 08 2013

A short while ago I published an article over on my main website about Gender Equality in Gaming. The point of the article was to highlight some of the gender discrimination that occurs within the video game world and serve as something of an investigation. It was to maybe highlight that these issues are real, do occur and to maybe get some people to take a look and say “Yeah this need’s to stop.”

Now something interesting about that article that some people did notice but others didn’t, I took care with the subject of gender to not pin it down to either Male or Female because I like many don’t really believe in the societal standard binary gender system. There are many people out there who don’t fit into the standard, who get discriminated against for no reason whatsoever and over something they can’t control. It’s ridiculous, disgusting and a whole other number of adjectives.

Which leads me onto this, someone on Twitter started up a hashtag which has grown in popularity over the past day or so. The hashtag is #FuckCisPeople. Now for those who don’t know, and I’m fairly new to the term myself Cis is the term used to classify individuals who match with their birth assigned gender. So the physical sex matches the mental sex to put it simply.

You might look at that hashtag and it might raise an eyebrow, it certainly did for me because it’s an important lesson in context and also in how aggression can be a great way to highlight oppression.

The hashtag isn’t attacking cis people, it’s attacking those few cis people who take it upon themselves to make jokes at the expense of trans people, those people who feel a need to attack, verbally and physically, trans people or otherwise oppress them. It’s highlighting a very real issue and it’s doing it in a good way. It is aggressive but if it wasn’t aggressive would anyone have took notice? I don’t think so.

Be honest, if two newspapers cover the same story people are more likely to go for the one with the more aggressive headline. The message could be the same in both, it could even be the same underlying text but the headline is what grabs you, same story here.