E3 2010

Did you miss E3 and want to find out that each of the big three companies had to say in their press conferences? Or are you looking for a list of the games we’ve covered or that are at E3 itself then look no further then here.

The Previews
Look Towards: Microsoft
Look Towards: Nintendo
Look Towards: Sony
Look Towards: The Games
What we hope for from Nintendo

Microsoft Press Conference
Minute By Minute Report | Summary

Nintendo Press Conference
Minute By Minute Report | Summary

Sony Press Conference
Minute By Minute Report | Summary

Days in focus
Day 1 Round Up: Mindjack, Medal Of Honor, Rock Band 3 & Dead Space 2
Day 2 Round Up: LOTR: Aragorns Quest, Portal 2, Sorcery, Epic Mickey, Twisted Metal PS3
Day 3 Round Up: Okamiden, Ghost Trick, Mafia 2, Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword

The Cultural Thing Podcast
The Cultural Thing is a weekly radio show currently being broadcast on community radio stations all across the North East of England. I currently do a monthly spot on it as a gaming guru. I talk about the latest gaming news, provide reviews and previews of what is coming out. Naturally E3 is a part of that and next week I’ll be returning to discuss all that happened at this years event. For now though there is this:

http://theculturalthing.podbean.com/2010/05/28/james-moorehead2/ – What is E3? Brief explaination of the event here!

Games aren’t the only thing being featured, it also covered music, movies and podcasting in general along with providing a list of events taking place in the North East so if you want to learn more about the show then it too has a website located here:


Got any questions, comments or complaints feel free to leave a comment on any of the associated pages or e-mail me at jcmoorehead1@googlemail.com


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